Gracious Living Through Art and Home Accessories

“The Sky’s the Limit!” Any print or artist you desire, we would be happy to locate for you.

Beautiful candles

  • holiday candles
  • “Woodwick” candles are made in the USA. Soy blend, long lasting, the wood wick “crackles” like a burning fire
  • Votivo candles are all soy based

Table toppers to accentuate your decor

  • Beaded
  • Hand painted
  • Fringed
  • All holidays

The soft glow of a new lamp will add beauty and grace to your room

  • Sofa table lamps
  • Enhance bedside reading
  • Evoke charm in your “powder room
  • Rooster lamps
  • Pineappple Lamps
  • Fringed buffet lamps
  • chandeliers
  • flamingo lamps


  •   Many colors and textures to select from
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